crafty friday, advent calendar

i'm so excited to share with you our new advent calendar this year. in past years, we've had much fun and many laughs with our elf on the shelf. this year he's taking a mischievous break and watching over the kids from afar. 

i combined the following ideas from some of our own traditions, crafting magazines, and pinterest. 

  • for the calendar i searched high and low for a good birch branch, but without trespassing, my mission failed. so off to michael's i went where it killed me to pay $16 for one. while i was there i picked up a few packages of muslin bags, number stencils, and paint. 
  • i used christmas gift tags to write down all of the fun activities we will do each day. 
  • in the event we do not have snow or we're not able to do an activity as planned, i wrapped several christmas books we checked out at the library with corresponding activity cards and craft projects. 
  • and lastly, you cannot have an avent calendar without a tiny smidge of sweetness to be discovered and enjoyed each day. ;) 

blessings & loves.