crafty friday, pine cone bird feeders

a few weeks ago silvie and i set out to make a few bird feeders for her little garden area. they were so easy and yumm to make. you really only need four ingredients :: pine cones // birdseed // peanut butter (a little extra for spoon licking) // yarn 

and, our birds love them!! 



a day with mémère

last month adam's mom flew in from maine to visit our family for a week. what a special time it was for silvie to get to know her mémère better. we planned as many outdoor activities as possible while she was here - this particular day at camp sherman was super fun and memorable. silvie enjoyed playing hide-n-seek, picking flowers and finding "pinecorns" to toss into the metolius river.

we cherish and miss you already mom, thanks for making our week with you so amazing. ~xoox 




hello! i know i've been extremely tardy with my posts lately, but our family has been fighting one virus after another this year and blogging was on the bottom of my priority list. anyway, we're on the up ((on bended knee praying)) and very slowly catching up. 

with brenner spending easter at his dads, we had a lovely low-key holiday with miss silvie grace. we opted for a church-free morning and spent the day outdoors in the sun, fed the ducks, and had a fantastic egg hunt in the back yard.

what a difference a year makes! 2012 & 2013