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bla bla : lost & found

remember when i spoke of silvie's beloved blabla last week? well while shopping in old navy yesterday she dropped it and within minutes i was in a panic frenzy searching the entire store for her. without success i left my name and number with hopes someone would have a heart and turn her in.

hours later i received a message on facebook from the assistant manager:

"we found bla bla the monkey! i tried the phone number that my associate wrote down, but it wasn't working...she probably switched a number. i decided to google your name and search for ya. i clicked on your link to your daily mel blog and was confirmed by your 7/5/11 entry. so glad i found ya! it will be in our "lost & found"

so there you have it; a.) outstanding customer service still exists, and b.) there is power in blogging and participating in the social network of facebook.

and now...silvie won't be the only one sporting a fancy binky holder.

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